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This is my first fan fic to post, so I'm hoping this is in the right place.
Disclaimer: Oda is the owner of One piece and all the characters etc, nor do I own Alice.
All I own is the plot.

"Luffy?" I stared as the rubber man turned and met my stunned gaze. I blinked twice before turning around and hastily exiting the bar. Without thinking I fled, running as fast as I could. Tears blurred my vision. Coming to the edge of the island I threw myself into the open air, plunging off the cliff and towards the water. Throwing out my wings I rose quickly. "Wait!" Glancing over my shoulder I saw Luffy. "No!" I called back before I felt his stretched arm encircle my waist. "Bastard!" I hissed as he hurtled toward me. "Let go!" I yelled. "No!" he yelled back. I pulled at his arm, trying to unwind it, but it was already too late.

His body snapped up to me and I tensed, expecting him to slam into me. But he didn't, he did however wrap his arms around me, enfolding me in a hug. "Idiot!" I yelled as his hug forced my wings to fold. We plunged towards the water with me glaring at his happy face all the way. "Luffy you idiot!" someone called. Luffy just smiled, not once loosening his grip.

"Let me go" I demanded. He had even held me as we'd fallen into the water. "Don't wana" Luffy said simply with a large smile on his face. I looked away to stare at the guy who had pulled us from the water. "Thank you for rescuing us" I said bowing my head. "The least I could do since my captain dragged you down" the green haired man said wringing the water from the top half of his coat. "Can you pry him off?" I asked. He shook his head. I sighed already figuring that that was the case. "Luffy please let me go" I said gritting my teeth.

He shook his head, and the expression that flashed over his face made my heart clench. "Please let me go" I said in desperation. If he didn't let me go now, I'd be stuck with him. "No, you'll disappear again" he said, his brows drawn down in determination. "Yeah, this time I'll stay gone" I muttered. Luffy shook his head. I hung mine and glimpsed his scar and reached out to touch it unconsciously.

"Luffy" I looked up, my eyes wide. "It doesn't hurt" he said easily. "Zoro can you leave us?" Even though he asked, Zoro took the hint. "Don't go jumping off any more cliffs idiot" he said in parting. "Let go" I whispered. "If you promise you won't disappear on me". I chewed my bottom lip, before slowly nodding. He let go slowly as if fearing I would disappear the moment he wasn't touching me.

"Why are you running away from me?" he asked with a hurt expression on his face. I sighed lying down and staring up into the sky. "I've been running since Ace…" I trailed off as fresh tears stung my eyes. "Why?" "They think me and Ace had a kid, but we weren't like that!" I hissed. It didn't matter what I had said, they all thought I was Ace's lover, when I'd only been his childhood friend. "That doesn't explain why you ran from me" Luffy stated locking eyes with me.

"Because when I see you I remember how we all used to be, and I didn't even make it to marine ford like you did, I couldn't fight or help and he died" I covered my eyes and bit my lip as the memories came back, of being unable to do anything while my friend died, while Luffy fought. He removed my arms from my face and kissed me. "Wha…?" I started dumbfounded. Luffy smiled. "We'll just have to live for him" he said turning to look at the sky, he still held my hand.

"Alice!" a voice called. A few more voices joined the first. I pulled my hand out of Luffy's sitting up quickly I wiped my tears away and stood up, making sure that my face was a blank. "Down here" I called back. "I've gotta go Luffy" I said not bothering to look at him. "Is that your nakama?" he asked. "Yes" I lied. Better than to have him follow me. I took to the air, spreading my black wings. "Kireina" I heard him say.

"I thought I told you to wait for me at the bar" a large round dumpty bald man said. He sounded as fat as he looked. He was wearing a horizontally black and white striped shirt with brown suspenders and black slacks. "Where did you go to get wet?" is identical twin asked. Barely anyone could tell the two apart, but I could, Dee the eldest twin had a scar on the side of his bulbous neck from the time I'd stabbed him with a kitchen knife. Dubo the younger twin was also the stupider of the two, not that it was all that noticeable.

"Come now Alice, we don't want to be late for the tea party" a tall man said looking at his pocket watch. He had large bunny ears from the usa usa no mi. I turned away. These people were convinced they were the characters of the famous story Alice in wonderland. And they'd kidnapped my sister just to get me to play along with their game. "Lead the way" I gritted out.
In the harbour I was blindfolded before I was allowed to board so that I wouldn't be able to tell anyone about it.

"She doesn't look all too willing captain-san" Robin noted as she watched the girl board the ship blindfolded and handcuffed. Luffy frowned. "She said they were her nakama" Luffy said, but he didn't look convinced. "Since when do nakama cuff each other?" Nami asked hotly. Luffy stood straight when the girl was pushed roughly, and without the use of her hands she had no choice but to fall to the raucous laughing of her so called nakama. "Luffy-san might I suggest we follow?" Brook asked. Luffy nodded.


New Zealand

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